How to show attachment with List item in separate column.

Today I got the client requirement to display item attachment in List view.I am going to present the steps to display item attachment into SharePoint 2010 List view.

1) Open SharePoint List view in SharePoint Designer.

2) Open SharePoint list > Under View > Right click on Target View File in my case it is “All Items” and select “Edit File in Advanced Mode ” .

3) Select the view and create new column titled Attachment.

4) Select TD tag of New column.

5) And Replace the selected TD tag to below code.





<strong><xsl:attribute name="ControlMode"<strong>&gt;</strong>Display<strong>&lt;/xsl:attribute&gt;</strong>

<strong><xsl:attribute name="Visible"<strong>&gt;</strong>true<strong>&lt;/xsl:attribute></strong>


<strong><xsl:value-of select="$thisNode/@ID"/></strong>




6)  The final output will like below :


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